Thursday, November 6, 2008


Someone on my Facebook (admittedly not really a 'friend', like about 150 other people on there) updated their status yesterday to: "When my grandkids ask me what I did when we found out about Obama's historic victory, I can proudly tell them I hopped online and updated my facebook status". So true. Though mine currently says "Katrina is dosed up on Codral and green tea" so I can't get my head around anything more than facebook status's at the moment. An in-depth election analysis? Thoughts on a more positive political future? Meh. They're there, but in today's media-saturated world, you'll no doubt find them yourself, whether you meant to or not. I am going to go lay on the couch and try not to drown in my own snot. mmmm. *goes to update facebook status first so everybody knows, just in case they care*

(Oh and if you want to add Frock You as a friend on facebook, please do, we need more cyber-friends!)

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